The buyer is driving or walking up to the house. What do the first notice? The curb appeal of the home from the façade of the home, the colors of the home, the accents of the front door and shutters, the tidy porch with the swing, the landscaping and everything else that the eye will notice. Unfortunately, the eye seems to focus on those distractions, the improper hung gutter, the loose shingles, the stained door plate, the falling shutter, the dying crepe myrtle and any other distraction. The buyer will have their first impression of your home. Buyers perceive how you maintain the outside of your home will be a reflection of how you maintained the interior of the home. If you want to get the best possible offer for your home that results in more money in your pocket, you’ll need to consider curb appeal. Curb appeal can easily be enhanced. Here are six easy ways to improve your home’s curb appeal:

#1: Landscape

Remember you can do much of the work if you cannot hire a professional landscaper. Landscaping can add $10,000 to the value of your home for little money. Clean the yard and flower beds, remove old and decaying bushes. Add colorful flowers in the Spring and Summer. Bushes should be trimmed. The lawn should be mowed and fertilized, make it as green as possible. Make sure the yard is free of debris. Weeds are an eyesore, remove them and put mulch or peat moss down. Now take a look and see how your home looks.

#2: Apply A Coat of Paint or Point the Brick

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint or a freshly pointed brick home. The front door and shutters should accent the home. The right color will make the home pop. If the home is wood or a composite paint the home if the paint has faded or is a color than represents a bye gone era. It can totally transform your home. A little paint goes a long way, and this is a sure-fire way to improve your home’s curb appeal!

#3: Add Shutters or Pieces That Accent The Home

Shutters can add charm and character to a home. Compliment the shutters to the front door. If the home has a portico and stoop, decorated it with colorful flower pots. A home with a front porch can be transformed into an outdoor living and entertaining space. On the porch consider adding furniture, a hanging swing and other ornamental pieces of furniture. Flower boxes accent a porch.

#4: Hanging Gutters, Missing Shingles or Uneven Walkway

The eye is drawn to the roofline. Gutters that are old or hanging should be replaced or repaired. Hanging or missing shingles raise the buyers concern of the soundness of the structure of the roof. Do not create unnecessary worries that could lead to buyers deciding it is the not the home for them. Buyers walk to the home and if the front pathway is uneven, broken or filled with crack bricks you should replace and repair. The walkway could be a safety hazard to prospective buyers.

#5: Timing of the Sale Determines How To Accent

If your home will be on the market in the fall, plant flowers that will bloom with great autumn colors. Hang an autumn wreath on the front door. If you plan on selling in the spring, plant new bulbs that will bloom just in time for showings and open houses. Supplement with flowers that bloom in early spring and other flowers that bloom later in the seasons. Keep the bushes trim and lush.

#6: Declutter, Clean and Power Wash!

Power washing your home can remove stains, mildew and other remnants that are an eyesore. Everyone’s home has these issues from the weather and mother nature. Power wash your sidewalks, outdoor pools, and garage doors to remove mildew and dirt.. Have the exterior windows washed because they will be seen from both inside and outside the house. Remove debris and old and worn outdoor furniture.

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