Why You Home Did Not Sell!!!

The purpose of this page is to Help Home Sellers whose homes did not sell with their prior agent. Remember there is a right way and a wrong way to get a Home SOLD. Rest assured, there is hope, in fact, your home may have been one of the more desireable homes out there. Sellers become frustrated when their home does not sell and the listings expires or is withrawn. I work with sellers in this situation. I will be honest and upfront as to how your home fits in today’s market, its condition, price and other factors. I will need to understand your expectations on the sale of your home. With this information we need to align the market with expectations to develop a winning sales strategy!!!

We Understand when you were ready to sell your property you took the time to assess your desire and objectives to sell and went with the agent and company you felt most comfortable with at that time. Obviously your home did not sell and here you are.

So, the questions is – Why Didn’t Your Home Sell?

Facts About Listings That Expire or Are Withdrawn

Most Sellers first instinct is to blame their agent when their home does not sell, this is natural, after all, they were supposed to sell it, right..?

Nearly 15% to 25% of all listings do not sell.

The market rejects them.

In other words, the market did not accept the Marketing Effort, the Price, the Condition, the Location, or a combination of these factors—perhaps all four of them!

The good thing is that you control two of these areas: Price and Condition. The agent controls one: Marketing Efforts.

Marketing Effort

Staging and Pricing Strategies

For Sale Signs, Rider Signs, Directional Signs

Tube or Box with Flyers and Distribution of Flyers in Neighborhood

Flyers in House/Comment Cards

Multiple Listing Service

Web Listings with Virtual Tour

Open House Program

Track Showings/Collect Feedback

Extensive Internet Advertising

Property Caravans

And more!


A hundred dollar bill is a great metaphor: they all look good, but people will always choose the nice, clean, crisp one over a dirty wrinkled one. How does your house look to others? This is the crucial important difference between Showing condition and Living condition.


Being overpriced is usually the reason a home did not sell, but condition will help determine what the market is willing to pay. Remember that YOU control price and condition. The wrong price attracts the wrong buyers. It creates a bad reputation for the house in the market place and makes properly priced homes look even better. Would anyone intentionally put their home on the market to help sell the competition?


Nobody can do a thing to change the location the location except to accent the positives and minimize the negatives. For example screening with large evergreen trees if the abuts to a major road. This will help to minimize the visual of the road and at the same create a sound barrier.

The FACT is there have been many changes to our markets in the past years and some agents have not been able to adapt.


Over the past few years our economy has grown and our real estate markets have flourished. Since the “Mortgage Market” crisis began taking hold mid 2007 there have been many changes to how real estate business is done.

The FACT is, our economy is growing, jobs are up, and rental rates are increasing. If you consider these facts and see that Interest rates are still historically low, you see that now is a good time to sell.

Since we know homes are still selling and the economy is good, the remaining questions are:

How Is Your Market Affected?

Most Sellers don’t realize the main thing standing in the way of their sale is them.

Lets face it, we all spend our years making our homes feel like home. The reality we tend to ignore when it is time to sell is that everyone will not have the same taste and style as you do. I mean, everyone has good taste, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Time after time it has been proven that less is better.

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